Project Evaluation

The NA-ROAD office supports projects throughout its broad geographic region (the United States and U.S. Territories, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, and island nations of the Caribbean). NA-ROAD Recognized Projects fall into three main categories:

  1. OAD Sponsored Projects,
  2. NA-ROAD Endorsed Projects, and
  3. NA-ROAD projects.

See this page for details about each category. 

If you are interested in having your project supported by the NA-ROAD office, please fill out this Google form. The questions are designed to help us better understand your project, how it aligns with the NA-ROAD strategic plan, and which of the three NA-ROAD Recognized Project categories is most appropriate. 

Submit your project

We will review your project with the following rubric in mind. Download a pdf here.

Rubric to evaluate proposed projects